Flash Loader

Flash Loader

The Flashloader switchers allow you to switch between performance and stock soft
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The Flashloader™ allows you to switch between factory software and up to 4 other GIAC-tuned programs depending on purchase. The software works on a standard PC with a scan tool cable. A CDROM for easy installation and a Quick Reference Guide with detailed system requirements and instructions are included.

To successfully operate Flashloader™ Software Switcher, you will need GIAC Flashloader™-compatible performance software(K-line cars only), A PC with a Windows™ operating system, and a USB or serial port K-Line compatible communication cable (K-Line enabled Ross-Tech® cables recommended). A laptop is preferable to a desktop PC because of its mobility however a desktop PC will work with an extension cable.

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  • Question: My computer tells me I have Flash Loader Utility on my laptop which is incompatible with the Windows 7 operating system. I have gone through my program list but cannot identify it. I need to remove it so that I can load a compatible version. How do I identify it, please?

    If the application is set to run automatically, go to Start > Run and open Microsoft Configuration Utility by typing msconfig. Select Startup and uncheck Flash Loader.

    Alternatively, if you can't use the uninstaller, delete the application manually from the following folder: C:\Program Files\HandHeld_FlashLoader.

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